Globally, around 2.8 billion people are active social media users. A large percentage of this population uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media has advanced from being a mere socialization platform to becoming a major hub where businesses and business persons can establish crucial links through networking. To real estate investors, social media is handy in various ways.

Posting new listings
Social media platforms such as Facebook allow real estate investors to market their products by creating new listings. Such posts comprising of images and descriptions of properties can be promoted to increase viewership using social media marketing opportunities. The listings help generate leads from prospecting customers.

Efficient networking
Social media is a major hub for effective networking between real estate property developers, marketers, and prospecting clients. Different social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter give businesses and customers an opportunity to achieve peer-to-peer communication. Such communication comes in handy in facilitating business transactions in various perspectives.

Promoting trust
Social media gives real estate property developers and marketers as an opportunity to build a brand for themselves while promoting customers trust. For instance, marketers can boost their reputation and win the trust of other customers by posting images of the successful handover of property ownership after a successful deal has been negotiated. The social influence generated in this case helps to facilitate the generation of further leads.

Facilitating events
The real estate industry is packed with events such as the launching of new phases of real estate developments and property open days. Such events should be well attended by potential customers if they have to achieve their objective. In most cases, social media comes in handy in helping real estate event organizers to promote their events and attract the interest of the market. Live feeds and news from the procession of the events can then be fed to the general social media population as a way of reaching out to the mass market.

Customer service
Social media platforms also give businesses an opportunity to promote their customer service operations. By communicating directly with customers, realtors get a chance to interact directly with prospecting clients. Such efficiency in communication helps promote seamless business operations while lowering the cost of running a successful real estate business.