New York City has become known as the city that never sleeps, and anyone who has visited before knows that the statement rings true. From thriving restaurants to broadway shows, the city continues to boast its incredible nightlife. Part of what makes New York City exciting at nighttime is the large variety of nightclubs. Knowing this, let’s explore some of the best nightclubs in New York City right now.

First opening in 2008, 1Oak has become a staple in the city’s nightclub scene over the last few years, and is not showing signs of slowing down. Located in Manhattan, the nightclub is a great spot to visit for anyone who enjoys live performances and dancing. Part of what makes 1Oak a great destination for dancing are the live performances that are put on each weekend, which oftentimes include today’s best hip-hop artists. With high-end performances taking place often, it is not a surprise to hear that the nightclub attracts celebrities. For anyone who enjoys the club scene, 1Oak offers table service, dancing, and more.

Marquee New York
Known as a nightclub staple, Marquee New York offers an exciting scene for New Yorkers who want to enjoy themselves throughout the entire night. The club oftentimes hosts concerts with well-known DJs, including Steve Aoki and Michael Brun, while attracting some of the biggest celebrities around. The club is open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and feature a different musical theme each night, giving attendees a wide variety of music. Since opening in 2012, the Marquee has grown significantly in popularity, leading the management team to open up two additional locations in Las Vegas and Australia.

PHD Lounge
For anyone who is not as interested in dancing, but still enjoys an active nightlife should check out PHD Lounge. PHD Lounge has two locations in New York City, with one in the midtown area and one in the downtown area. The lounge is great for both a happy hour after work and a full night on the town. Both the midtown and downtown PHD Lounges have an outdoor deck for guests to relax on while enjoying a cocktail and breathtaking view of the city. While the PHD Lounge does not have the same nightclub trend as the other clubs on the list, they are a great stop for anyone who wants to experience New York City’s nightlife.