Looking at housing in the New York City area can be a challenge for those who must stick to a budget. Finding a deal can be a real task, but knowing the right places to look is the key to finding a dream house that balances the budget as well. Sacrificing a nice area for the sake of affordability does not have to be the case. There are several areas in the New York City area that provide some of the most affordable housing.

Located at the southwest end of Prospect Park is the area of Windsor Terrace. This area provides a quiet and tranquil environment that feels much like a quaint sleepy little village. While nightlife and shopping may not be directly in the area, it does bring that small town charm that many homeowners are looking for. The hustle and bustle of Park Slope is just a short commute away. Townhouses in Windsor Terrace range from 1.5 million to 3 million. Though this may still seem astronomically priced, townhouses in Park Slope run anywhere from 3 million upwards to 20 million.

For those homeowners seeking out tree-lined streets, with the convenience of shopping and dining look no further than Forest Hills. The tranquility, along with many of its amenities, has definitely caught the eye of potential buyers. As opposed to Long Island or Astoria, condos can be found for almost $200,000 cheaper.

Just southwest of Brooklyn is one of the most affordable areas in the New York City area. Bay Ridge, which boasts some of the most breathtaking harbor views provides a great dining and shopping scene while still providing one of the more affordable housing areas. Both one and two-bedroom apartments can run anywhere from $354,500 and $599,000. Bay Ridge is well known for its Greek and Italian food.

Boasting one and two-bedroom apartments for around the $200,000 mark, Bedford Park is an absolute steal in Manhattan terms. While the commute to midtown can take around 45 minutes, the area also provides both the metro and buses into town. Bedford Park is also home to the New York Botanical Garden and is within close proximity to Lehman College as well as Fordham University.