Alma is a stylish Mexican restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The menu includes a range of chilaquiles and tacos paired with spicy guacamole. The rooftop is open all summer providing a lovely view of the Brooklyn piers and Manhattan skyline.

Avraham Glattman - Alma

Avraham Glattman - Alma1

Berry Park

A Williamsburg beer garden on a roof! The hall is over 3,000 sq. ft. followed by two staircases leading to a huge beer only bar. The rooftop provides you with an unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline, not to mention the beautiful sunset you might catch every now and then.Berry Park - Avraham Glattman

Night of Joy

Known for its romantic ambiance, Knight of Joy is another rooftop housed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Similar to its sister-bar in Greenwich Village, the Dove Parlor, the design is filled with a “visit to grandmothers” feel and a cosy rooftop. Although the view does not provide a painted picture of the Manhattan skyline, the ambiance makes Night of Joy  a cosy rooftop worth visiting.

Night of Joy - Avraham Glattman

The Delancey

The Delancey rooftop is a three level playground. The Delancey actually brings south beach to the lower east side, like actually! Take a trip to the third floor and you’re automatically greeted by palm trees, benches and fountains. The open rooftop allows you to take yourself out of the hustle of NYC and relax as if you were on the beach of florida!

The Delancey - Avraham Glattman