Many who do not live in New York City romanticize the idea of a small vacation to the city but avoid it due to the cost. Trips to New York are actually becoming less expensive. Staycations are becoming a popular trend in NYC, as well. These trips can not put a huge hole in your pocket if you plan according.



With hotel prices declining due to a building boom, the rates of hotels are about 11% lower than they were in 2014. The average one night stay in a hotel in 2014 cost $252 compared to the now average of $224. This shift in NYC is a complete opposite of the national trend of higher room rates.


Low hotel prices and other factors may be contributing to the 1.6 & increase of tourism in the city in 2017 alone. 2017 set a new record of 61.7 million visitors this year. For example, tourist looking to for certain can find them at the Wellington Hotel near Times Square on July 10th for $217 a night.


Hotel growth is going strong in the city with about 180 properties in different stages of building. As well, with more tourists relying on Airbnb and other home-sharing sites, the number of affordable hotels are contributing the to better prices.



NYC can become overwhelming to those who are not from the city so it is important to have a plan as a tourist. Are you interesting in seeing a show, try new restaurants or experience the nightlife? Figure out what you want out of your trip. Analyze how much time you have to spend in the city and how much your budget is. Whether you choose to fly, drive or take a train, it can be dependent on how much time you spend in the city.


Prioritize what you want out of a vacation or trip. It will help with getting the most out of New York. Create a plan around relaxation, sightseeing or shopping. There is something for everyone in NYC so find what will get you the most pleasure out of your stay. If you can, try to make a stop at each borough of the city to have well-rounded experience of every aspect of NYC.