New York's Jazz and Bubbly Brunch Cruise is Classy and Fun for Everyone 21 and Up.

New York’s Jazz and Bubbly Brunch Cruise is Classy and Fun for Everyone 21 and Up.

Summer in New York City presents a myriad of opportunities, from free Yoga classes to trips to Coney Island.  With so many possible endeavors, time spent outdoors in the summer is time well spent.  To inspire a few ideas for outings—other than the traditional visit to bars and restaurants—Metro recently completed an article to offer cheap and easy suggestions.

Several ideas include meals and alcohol, should the participants be of age.  First, the article suggests the Jazz and Bubbly Brunch Cruise.  While the author acknowledges that the typical booze cruise can be anything but elegant, the inclusion of brunch, champagne and a jazz band in tow only helps contribute to keeping this experience classy.  Another brunch suggestion offered is the Local Brunch and Rooftop Farm Tour.  This outing, provided by COFEED, allows the consumer to enjoy brunch while physically seeing the rooftop farm that provided the very produce they are consuming.

For lunch, the article offers a Dos Toros Picnic and Hot Sauce engagement, where the family embarks on a trip to the park of their choice a picnic for a relaxed and low-key afternoon of enjoyment; blanket and post-meal sunbathing are also suggested.  To seek a meal made for you, the article suggests a Schnitzel Sandwich and Smorgasburg; take a breezy ferry trip across the East River and seek out a Smorgasburg for a filling and satisfactory lunch with a good view.

Dinner can be found with a bit of flare at the ‘70s Summer Night Immersive Experience.  During this ‘70s rewind affair, a performance can be enjoyed in a pop-up camper where a barbeque dinner will also be served.  If food isn’t of interest, engaging in a tour of an apiary and sampling a bit of honey beer can also be an enjoyable outing for those who are legal.  If touring with a family, apiary’s can also be an interesting educational experience, sans alcohol.

Finally, two mere outdoor excursions are provided.  For those who miss the ice skating opportunities afforded in the city by the cold weather of the winter, the article suggests a trip through Central Park via roller skates.  Spice up the family trip to the Bronx Zoo by setting up a scavenger hunt that can be both educational and engaging.