The Appeal of Small Spaces
Using your apartment balcony as a getaway or an additional room makes sense. It takes planning, but the materials are usually inexpensive and removable. Dreaming up your decor is half the fun! Making it happen brings opportunities for enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.

What do you want most when you think about your balcony? A small office? A garden? A retreat on sunny afternoons? Once you’ve decided that, then the rest falls into place. Browsing online provides thousands of examples for decor and DIY projects. Ask questions at your local hardware store for more guidance. You can jump in and make this a weekend project. You can stretch it out over several weeks.

Weather, Views, and Dreams
Here are some essential questions to consider:

  • Does the balcony get lots of sun, wind, or water?
  • How much time do you want to spend enjoying your balcony?
  • What’s your style? Do you want a beach house, an herbal garden, a breakfast nook, or a romantic hideaway?
  • How can you incorporate the view- or cover it up- to meet your needs?
  • Do you want lots of colors, multi-use furniture, or a zen spot for yoga?

Practical Tips
Flooring: The concrete can be covered with paint, interlocking flooring, rugs, or anything that appeals to you. If you intend to leave it out there, secure objects in ways that won’t interfere with removing it later. Plan for storage during seasons of inclement weather.

Walls: You can grow plants to create a vibrant rainforest effect, or you can place wooden frames. Hang curtains or other cloth for privacy. Hang artwork, potted flowers, or your fresh herb and spice collection for your culinary arts.

Furniture: Rattan is hardy for weather conditions. Use hardy throw pillows, chairs, and shades that can survive many kinds of weather. Choose intimate, minimalist seating with a small bistro table, or go maximalist with layers of fabric and a wash of colors.

Details: lighting, artwork, and colors, make this your special place on Earth. For immediate inspiration for your apartment balcony decor, check out online ideas, and note the ones you like best.