With the passing of summer comes the changing of the leaves and a variety of fun outdoor activities.  According to an article recently completed by ABC News, the best place in the country to experience the full range of activities and outdoor foliage afforded by fall is New England.  The article suggests several key activities and the best locales to engage in them.

First is the tradition of pumpkin picking.  The article claims that Stowe farms in Vermont is the best location to engage in this tradition; the rolling hills and plenty of farm acreage affords many opportunities to pick a variety of produce—from pumpkins to apples.  Staying at the Stowe Mountain Lodge is also suggested, as the luxury properties offer a rustic feel that is quintessential to Vermont. Next, hiking in Connecticut is suggested.  Often, this state is associated with high-end properties.  However, the article denotes that there is a variety of outdoor foliage to be enjoyed, if only one knows where to look.  Many hiking trails are provided, to suit the needs of all—from beginner to expert.  The Winvian is the suggested means of lodging.  Located in the countryside outside of Morris, the locale offers individual cottages and a surrounding in nature.  Along similar lines, the article suggests cycling in Maine as another outdoor activity.  The state offers many gorgeous leave changes, and biking is perhaps the best way to see the sights.  Towns such as Kennebunkport and Ogunquit afford the best sites; mountain bikers can also enjoy the terrain provided by Portland, as well.  There is also lodging provided in the Kennebunkport Inn; the luxury property was previously a privately owned mansion.  Finally in terms of outdoor activities, hitting the beaches in Rhode Island is suggested.  There will be little to no crowds and the lighthouses can provide unique viewing opportunities.

Alternatively, the article also suggests indoor activities.  First, there is shopping in Boston, particularly along Newbury Street, which is lined with brownstones that now hold stores and restaurants.  In three such renovated brownstones is the Newbury Guest House—a boutique hotel that provides excellent accommodations.  Finally, the article suggests brewery hopping in New Hampshire.  In particular, Portsmouth is noted, as it is one of the oldest towns in the country, and many of the oldest breweries call the village home.  Redhook Brewery has daily tours; however, Smuttynose is perhaps the most beloved offering of the town.  It is suggested that consumer’s stay at Sheraten Harborside Hotel, as it is within walking distance of Portsmouth.