With one month of the new year already in the books, it’s time to start looking ahead to the exciting changes awaiting New York City in 2018. Here’s a glimpse at some of the most significant upcoming shifts in the Big Apple’s architectural landscape.


Real Estate — Commercial

The new shopping center at Essex Crossing is set to make a splash sometime this year, with hot and happening businesses such as Trader Joe’s, Target, Splitsville bowling lanes, and Regal Cinemas all set to debut in the space. The 42-story building which houses Domino’s Sugar Refinery is undergoing a significant refurbishment, and Domino’s has further plans to debut an 11-acre park this summer.

Looking even further ahead: Cipriani’s new food market is also beginning construction, with its 28,000-square-foot behemoth to debut sometime in 2019.


Real Estate — Residential

Delancey Street will see an influx of new residents both young and old, as the rental units at 115 Delancey and the senior center located at 175 Delancey are both ready to take on tenants. Also for seniors: 140 Essex Street has plans to unveil a new center for elderly residents as well.



Aiming to repair what is arguably one of the most important issues faced by New York residents, the MTA plans to invest $836 million to address issues with the subway system. In a significant move, Hudson Yards is set to begin work on its coverage of the second half of the west rail yards. Additionally, work on 15 Hudson Yards will be completed, with the building topping out at a whopping 88 stories.



Another hot-button topic: The creation of new living space for the city’s 8-million-plus residents. A few areas that are scheduled for rezoning this year:

-Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, with plans to create 4,000 new rentals, over a third of which will be reasonably affordable

-Gowanus, after a series of false starts in recent years

-Inwood, in a long-overdue, revamp of the region, as only 200 new apartments have been added since the turn of the millennium

Look for these changes and more in 2018, as New York dives headlong into the future!