As many people already know, living in New York City continues to be remain high, with no signs of slowing down. Because of the high cost of living and lack of room to expand, finding a decent place to live at an affordable price can be too difficult to attain. As a result of this continued trend, more residents are opting to live in suburbs outside of New York City, giving them access to the city without sacrificing an affordable home.

Avraham Glattman, seasoned realtor and First American Properties Group owner works to find great, affordable homes outside of the city, giving homeowners an opportunity to remain within its vicinity. With this in mind, Avraham will cover some of his favorite properties that First American Properties Group owns, and are outside of the city.

101 Meadow Street, Garden City NY
The property located at 101 Meadow Street in Garden City, New York, is only an hour from New York City, giving homeowners the comfort of the suburbs while also maintaining the flare of the big apple. Located in a beautiful, quaint neighborhood in Garden City, the property features a beautiful grass front yard, with a long driveway along the side of the home leading up to the two-car garage. With a newly renovated interior, the property offers an ideal setup for anyone who is starting a family.

Upon entering the front door of the 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom home, potential buyers are greeted with a freshly renovated interior. The home includes beautiful finished hardwood floors, a stone fireplace and updated kitchen with steel appliances. It includes a spacious, newly-renovated basement, complete with beautiful blue walls and marble floor. The location and open layout makes this incredible home ideal for growing families.

The home is also in close proximity to major public transportation areas, highways and restaurants, making it a convenient location to countless destinations. Additionally, Garden City is home to the prestigious Garden City Union Free School District, which ensures that your children are receiving a great education. New residents can also rest assured knowing that the Garden City community will welcome everyone with open arms, making it a great community to live in.

The entire property spans across 5,501 square feet with a spacious yard. Altogether, the asking price for the home is $948,000, and is available for purchase through realtor Avraham Glattman of First American Properties Group.