New York state alone is full of rich history but New York City has been a hub of history from so many different cultures. In order to enjoy the city today, you must appreciate and respect the history that allows it to be the way it is today.  How the city became a staple of American culture and a place of dreams.



European settlement began in the 1600’s, which was started as a Dutch fur trading post in Manhattan. Slaves were used to build more and to output walls for protection against native american attacks. The Pavonia Massacre happened right across the Hudson River in 1643. Battles between the native people and the Dutch were common during this period.

Into the 1700s, the English conquered the land and retitle it “New York”. 20% of the population were African with European settlers taking up the majority. The largest migration of human beings in the history of the world was in 1907, with over 1 million immigrants brought through Ellis Island, by the watchful eye of lady liberty.

The Dutch briefly reclaimed the city. You can find remnants of the Dutch influence in the names of boroughs and districts throughout the city. The city was the first national capital of the U.S. under the constitution. Many early pivotal moments in American history took place in New York City.

Into the 1800s, the street grid system expanded and the city continued open immigration after the wars in Europe. Irish immigrants began coming to the city due to the Great Irish Famine. Education and justice were created during this period in reaction to the growing population.



After the war, many veterans and immigrants from Europe returned and created an economic boom. More housing and general demands were raised as the city started growing due to the mass immigration. It grew to one of the leading cities of the world with a big push by Wall Street. It slowly transitioned from an industrial city to a service-based city while jobs in the industrial market began to decline.

Because of the major migration of different races, a lot of violence broke out. This was when groups such as the Black Panthers created rent strikes for improves services for low-income communities. They also began setting up free health clinics in an attempt to give the power to the people. The 1970s in New York City were known for high areas of high crime and violence in many areas.