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A Look Into Properties: 101 Meadow Street, Garden City NY

A Look Into Properties: 101 Meadow Street, Garden City NY

As many people already know, living in New York City continues to be remain high, with no signs of slowing down. Because of the high cost of living and lack of room to expand, finding a decent place to live at an affordable price can be too difficult to attain. As a result of this continued trend, more residents are opting to live in suburbs outside of New York City, giving them access to the city without sacrificing an affordable home.

Avraham Glattman, seasoned realtor and First American Properties Group owner works to find great, affordable homes outside of the city, giving homeowners an opportunity to remain within its vicinity. With this in mind, Avraham will cover some of his favorite properties that First American Properties Group owns, and are outside of the city.

101 Meadow Street, Garden City NY
The property located at 101 Meadow Street in Garden City, New York, is only an hour from New York City, giving homeowners the comfort of the suburbs while also maintaining the flare of the big apple. Located in a beautiful, quaint neighborhood in Garden City, the property features a beautiful grass front yard, with a long driveway along the side of the home leading up to the two-car garage. With a newly renovated interior, the property offers an ideal setup for anyone who is starting a family.

Upon entering the front door of the 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom home, potential buyers are greeted with a freshly renovated interior. The home includes beautiful finished hardwood floors, a stone fireplace and updated kitchen with steel appliances. It includes a spacious, newly-renovated basement, complete with beautiful blue walls and marble floor. The location and open layout makes this incredible home ideal for growing families.

The home is also in close proximity to major public transportation areas, highways and restaurants, making it a convenient location to countless destinations. Additionally, Garden City is home to the prestigious Garden City Union Free School District, which ensures that your children are receiving a great education. New residents can also rest assured knowing that the Garden City community will welcome everyone with open arms, making it a great community to live in.

The entire property spans across 5,501 square feet with a spacious yard. Altogether, the asking price for the home is $948,000, and is available for purchase through realtor Avraham Glattman of First American Properties Group.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home?

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home?

You have decided that you would like to purchase a home to accommodate your growing family. You and your significant other begin looking at different homes, but quickly find that it is difficult to not only find properties that match your vision, but to engage in a fair negotiation. For most people who have bought a home will agree that the search for the perfect place is stressful. This is where a real estate professional comes in. With this in mind, what are the biggest advantages of using a real estate agent, as opposed to searching for the home yourself?

Finding a Home
Real estate agents are able to find options that most closely align with your own wishes for the property. While more online listing companies like Zillow are making their way to the internet, they oftentimes don’t include homes that were not included on the public websites. In some instances, the seller requests that their home is not listed on a public forum like Zillow. For homes that are not listed online, a real estate agent will oftentimes be in contact with other agents to determine what homes are available, but not listed online.

Pricing Points
When looking at various properties that are for sale, it can be difficult to pinpoint how the offering price compares to the official cost of the house. A combination of their experience and education have given real estate agents the ability to interpret how reasonable their asking price is, and if it is worth pursuing. It is not uncommon for homeowners to put their home on the market at a higher price than the home was appraised for. Having a real estate professional lowers the risk of spending more on the home than it is worth, while ensuring that you will find a great home within the allocated budget.

Anyone who owns, or has owned a home will agree that the paperwork for purchasing a home can be overwhelming, and can become more complicated if repairs are needed in the home. To give an example, if you found a home that you love, but find that the air conditioning is not working properly after going into escrow. Real estate agents work as your advocate in this instance, and will require that the issue is fixed before moving forward with the final paperwork.

Once any issues are fixed, your real estate agent will work with the seller to get everything filled out and signed, so you do not have to worry about missing anything important. Because the paperwork for a home sale can be fairly extensive, having your agent there as a resource to explain any unclear sections can be highly beneficial.

While these are some of the biggest advantages of using a real estate agent, there are numerous other benefits as well. For helping you find the perfect home to assisting you as you walk through the paperwork, hiring a real estate agent can help make the process smoother, and more enjoyable for all parties involved.

How Does A Real Estate Agent Differ From A Realtor?

How Does A Real Estate Agent Differ From A Realtor?

With a strong housing market and more opportunities to invest, more Americans are beginning to think about purchasing a home for the first time. Upon making the decision, they make the next step to hire a professional in real estate, but quickly find themselves confused by the different names and titles of the professionals. In order to help elevate some of the confusion future homeowners may experience, I have provided an overview of some of the titles that real estate professionals have, and how they differ from one another.

Real Estate Broker
A real estate broker is a real estate professional that has not only attained their real estate license to sell homes, but generally have additional education beyond the certification. In order to become certified as a broker, a person must complete the additional education requirements that their state may require, as well as pass a comprehensive broker’s exam. Because of the amount of additional information that brokers are required to know, the exam is more difficult and detailed than the real estate agent certification exam. One of the most significant differences between a real estate broker and real estate agent is that a broker has the ability to work independently or hire their own real estate agents to work for them. On the contrary, real estate agents are not allowed to work independently like a broker.

Real Estate Agent
Like its name states, a real estate agent is a professional that has earned their real estate license in order to sell properties in some capacity. Unlike a real estate broker, agents are not allowed to work independently. For many professionals working in real estate, becoming an agent is a strong first step in being successful in the industry.

Similar to both agents and brokers in the sense that they can sell homes, the title, realtor, has one big difference. A person with the official title of a realtor has attained their real estate certification, but in addition to that, is also a member of the National Association of Realtors®. To maintain their position in the National Association of Realtors, a realtor must follow the standards of the association and its code of ethics. The code of ethics include 17 articles that they must abide by. An example includes not collecting any commission or fees from third-party vendors without the home seller’s explicit knowledge and consent. The code of ethics works to maintain a high standard for the industry.

While there are similarities and differences between real estate agents, real estate brokers and realtors, they are all certified to sell homes. A potential buyer’s preferences and comfort level will oftentimes influence the type of real estate professional that they use in the search. Buying and selling a home can be a stressful situation, so understanding the options for real estate professionals can help to alleviate the stress, in order to make the process an exciting and enjoyable experience.

About Avraham Glattman

Avraham Glattman is the owner of First American Properties Group, a real estate business based in New York City, New York.

Avraham brings over 26 years of experience working as a real estate agent in the city, where he continues to work today. He graduated from Newport University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and remained at the university to attain his Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.). After graduation, he jumped straight into the real estate field in 1992 in the greater New York City area. Throughout his career, Avraham has explored listings across the New York area, keeping a detailed account of the locations, pricing and comparable properties in the housing market.

After gaining a wealth of knowledge about the real estate marketing in New York, Avraham Glattman decided to take it a step further by creating First American Properties Group with his longtime business partner, Pete Jacov in 2008. First American Properties is a real estate and development company that services the five boroughs of New York. The company currently owns residential and commercial properties in Queens, Downtown Brooklyn, Harlem, and Manhattan. The company focuses on monitoring the growth and development in different areas of the city, so they can work to establish more patterns of growth and help revitalize the area.

While monitoring the different areas of New York City, Avraham Glattman consistently keeps an eye out on up-and-coming neighborhoods that he could potentially invest in. For example, after seeing Harlem, Avraham was immediately impressed by the neighborhood’s charm, leading him to invest in properties in the area. With a convenient location next to the subway and charming business like music venues in the area, it was not hard to see what attracted Avraham to the area.

Today, Avraham Glattman continues to find new investments with First American Properties Group, alongside his business partner, Pete Jacov. Together, they are working towards the goals that they set for First American Properties Group. The goals include acquiring property in the Harlem area to renovate and sell, as well as acquiring properties in all five boroughs.

Avraham was borned and raised in Israel, where he went graduated high school. Not long after, he served in the Israeli army for three years, before he was sent to the United States to work with an Israeli newspaper in Brooklyn, NY. Not long after making the move to New York, Avraham met the woman that would become his wife in 1991. Together, they have three children and two dogs.

In his spare time, Avraham Glattman enjoys spending his time with his wife, three children, and two dogs, and loves to explore new parts of New York City. In addition to his work as co-owner of First American Properties Group, Avraham also finds time to support his children in their various sports events, concerts, and school activities. Avraham’s incredible dedication to both his work and family brings him immense happiness and purpose each day.

To learn more about who Avraham Glattman is, visit AvrahamGlattmanNewYork.com.